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Construction Update May/June 2024

From foundations to finishes: See what’s new at Lowanna Beach Resort


As we move closer to our Spring completion date, we are excited to bring you the latest updates from the construction site. May and June have been months of significant progress, with numerous advancements both inside and out.

Here’s a snapshot of what has been achieved over the past month:


External progress:

  • Groundworks and structures such as blockwork for letterboxes etc are well underway, setting a solid foundation for the resort.
  • The external rendering and paintworks are moving along smoothly, adding the final touches of the resort’s aesthetic.
  • Scaffolding is being removed in stages, gradually revealing the stunning façade of Lowanna Beach Resort.
  • Sunhoods continue to be installed, enhancing both the visual appeal and functionality of the windows.
  • Balcony layouts are being defined, with handrail posts being put in place for safety and style.
  • Tile installation on balconies continues to progress steadily

Internal progress:

  • Internal painting is advancing rapidly, bringing warmth and colour to the living spaces.
  • The installation of kitchen and bathroom joinery is well progressed, shaping these essential spaces beautifully.
  • Benchtop installations in kitchens and bathrooms look unique and beautiful, adding elegance and functionality.
  • Lift installation work is continuing, ensuring smooth vertical transport within the resort.

This month:

  • All previously mentioned works are continuing at a steady pace.
  • Vinyl floor coverings are being laid, with carpets soon to follow, adding comfort and style to the living spaces.
  • The tapware and shower installation has begun and the beautiful finishes are blending into each colour scheme. 
  • Electrical fit-offs are underway in preparation of each apartment becoming fully functional.
  • The installation of cooktops, ovens, and range hoods will begin very soon. 
  • We will start to see power connected as apartments become ready, marking a major milestone in the construction process.

Thank you for your continued support and patience as we approach the completion of Lowanna Beach Resort. We are committed to delivering a luxurious and serene living experience, and these updates reflect our dedication to that promise. Stay tuned for more progress reports as we get closer to finishing this beachside haven on the coveted Sunshine Coast.

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