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Construction Update April 2024

We’re thrilled to share the latest developments on the construction of our much-anticipated Lowanna Beach Resort.


With every passing day, we’re closer to bringing to life the vision of an unparalleled coastal haven for you to enjoy!

Here’s a comprehensive update on the ongoing work across our three buildings:


External progress:

  • Building 1, 2, and 3 rendering and paint works: The rendering and paint works for all three buildings are progressing remarkably well, showcasing the meticulous attention to detail that defines Lowanna Beach Resort’s aesthetic.
  • Building 1 and 3 soffit painting: The soffit painting for Buildings 1 and 3 has been steadily advancing, adding the finishing touches to these structures – which in turn has enabled the scaffolding to start being brought down.
  • Building 1 sunhoods install: Installation of sunhoods for Building 1 is currently underway, enhancing both the functionality and architectural allure of the structure.

Building 1 progress:

  • Internal tiling and balcony tiling: We are underway with waterproofing, internal tiling to bathrooms and ensuites, and balcony tiling which marks another significant milestone.
  • Pre-paint works and floor preparation: Internal pre-paint works are progressing as well as thorough floor preparation, ensuring a flawless canvas for the next stages of construction.
  • Lift installation and joinery works: The installation of lifts has commenced, alongside the ongoing installation of kitchen and other joinery elements, further shaping the distinctive character of Building 1.

Building 2 updates:

  • Window installation: We’re excited to note that window installation for Building 2 is nearing completion.
  • Internal framing and rough-in works: Internal framing works are nearing completion, paving the way for the seamless execution of rough-in works to be completed.
  • Sheeting rapidly going in: The sheeting teams are extremely fast but the quality is also extremely high. We are very impressed. 

Building 3 highlights:

  • Window/balcony waterproofing and plaster screeds: Building 3 has reached significant milestones with the completion of window/balcony waterproofing and the commencement of balcony plaster screeds.
  • Rough-in and sheeting underway: With rough-in works underway for the upper levels, and sheeting in progress, Building 3 is steadily taking shape.


For those who have yet to secure their Lowanna Beach Resort apartment, we invite you to consider the unparalleled opportunity that Lowanna Beach Resort presents. With its prime location and amenities that cater to all your modern lifestyle needs, investing in Lowanna is more than just a financial decision, it’s an investment in a lifestyle. Only the FINAL 9 apartments remain.

We believe in enhancing quality of life, so we’ve built a community that covers it all. Get in touch today!

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